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bootsxbrains's Journal

smart punks, fucked world
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this one is for the intellectual and artistic end of the punk scene.

the whole point of what to post is something of a mental nature by punk, for punk, stories, songs, poems, essays, pictures, rants. anything, MAKE US THINK

no rascism, sexism, bigottry etc.

we want to know what you think, feel, what you do.
4-skins, 7 seconds, a clockwork orange, a global threat, against me!, agnostic front, alkaline trio, anarchy, angelic upstarts, anger, anti-nowhere league, antidote, art, assuck, aus rotten, black, black flag, blanks 77, blitz, boots, bourbon, braces, broken bones, capitalist casualties, celts, chaos uk, cheap sex, choking victim, circle jerks, citizen fish, clit 45, cock sparrer, cockney rejects, communism, conflict, cramps, cutting, death, defiance, demented are go, depression, devotchkas, discharge, doa, ducky boys, f-minus, fear, frank zappa, fun, funeral dress, gbh, gg allin, gin, girls, hardcore, heinlein, infa riot, johnny cash, leftover crack, life, lou reed, lower class brats, mad sin, meteors, nihilism, nipple erectors, oi polloi, oi!, one way system, oxblood, oxymoron, peircing, philosophy, poetry, pogues, portland, punk, razor blades, razors, reagan youth, riot, sex, sham 69, shane macgowan, sharp, siouxsie and the banshees, ska, skinheads, skins, slaughter and the dogs, sqatting, stiff little fingers, subhumans, survival, the adicts, the adverts, the bruisers, the business, the casualties, the clash, the damned, the dead boys, the devotchkas, the dwarves, the exploited, the flatliners, the forgotten, the germs, the kinks, the krays, the meteors, the misfits, the nekromantix, the oppressed, the partisans, the pogues, the queers, the skeptix, the templars, the unseen, the varukers, the vibrators, the violators, the virus, tiger army, total chaos, toxic narcotic, toy dolls, uk subs, ultraviolence, velvet underground, vice squad, violence, writing, youth brigade