xLostPercentx (xlostpercentx) wrote in bootsxbrains,

No One Will Probably Read This

Every one thinks they rise above the status quo with their image and their attitude when they have become normality them selves, rather they know they arent being origional or not, they are copys and imitations of something that was never really there. Kids dont know what really makes you origional and what makes you rise above and stand out.

Its your beliefs that make you a beacon, and how you act on those beliefs, stand for something, dont just look like something, believe in something, and hold it close to your heart, dont be afraid to be shunned b/c you see things a different way, go against the grain, stand up for your rights and your beliefs, dont let THEM kick YOU down.

Good quote from my favorite movie, Employee of the Month - "I am what I am mother fucker" - the hobo on the bus
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