Diamond (shoppeaholic) wrote in bootsxbrains,

What is punk today?

What is 'punk' today? I honestly don't know anymore. Thats my opinion on things. I just joined this community and I want to know what everyone's opinion on this subject is. Im not here to start any drama. I just want to know what everybody's view of punk is right now. I've talked to a lot of people and it looks like 'punk' today is what I see as the scenster/emo thing. Is that really what its come down to? Im not trying to bring anyone down, if your into that, more power to you. Everyone has the right to be themselves. Thats what being punk is all about (in my opinon). Standing out from the crowd of nobodies. We're the movers and shakers of today. I just want to know where everyone's views are. Thanks to all who comment and put in their thoughts!
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